Wei-Lian Qi﹙祁偉廉)
Status Full-Time Faculty
Name Wei-Lian Qi﹙祁偉廉)
Job title Professor
Extension 1807
Office I610
Education National Institute of Tropical Agriculture, Pingtung University of Science and Technology
Research Interest / Specialty Focus Veterinary clinical diagnosis and treatment, wildlife conservation medicine, canine behavior training
Websites https://research.asia.edu.tw/TchEportfolio/index_1/108100024
Year Paper Title
2023 Shih-Feng Liu(Shih-Feng Liu)*、Hung-I Lu、祁偉廉(Chi, Wei-Lien)、Guan-Heng Liu、Ho-Chang Kuo, Sniffer Dogs Diagnose Lung Cancer by Recognition of Exhaled Gases: Using Breathing Target Samples to Train Dogs Has a Higher Diagnostic Rate Than Using Lung Cancer Tissue Samples or Urine Samples, Cancers, vol.15 no.4 pp.1234-, 2023
2021 祁偉廉(Chi, Wei-Lien)、陳(Ching-Hui Chen)、林暉閔(Hui-Min Lin)、林宗岐(Chung-Chi Lin)、陳琬婷(Wang-Ting Chen)、陳怡臻(Yi-Chen Chen)、連一洋(Yi-Yang Lien)、蔡宜倫(Yi-Lun Tsai), Utilizing Odor-Adsorbed Filter Papers for Detection Canine Training and Off-Site Fire Ant Indications, Animals, vol.2021 no.11 pp.1-12, 2021
林暉閔(LIN, HUI-MIN)、祁偉廉(Chi, Wei-Lien), Fire Ant-Detecting Canines: A Complementary Method in Detecting Red Imported Fire Ants, JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC ENTOMOLOGY
Award Name Awarding Unit
金犬獎 世界愛犬聯盟World Dog Alliance
偵測犬偵測白腐菌之應用 National Research Council of Thailand