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Frequent Asked Questions & Answers


Q1: Are all courses in the curriculum taught only by the faculty members listed in the Department website?

A1: As a new Department established in August, 2016, the faculty members for related courses teaching are appointed accordingly over three academic years. Only the faculty members currently employed by Asia University are listed in the Department website. Other new faculty and professionals will be listed accordingly when they join Asia University. The faculty members in our Department have rich experiences and professional skills, and strive to contribute and internationalize in education for veterinary medicine.

Q2: Is the location for summer internships/externships at Animal Teaching Hospital on campus or other Animal Hospital off campus?

A2: There are 3 internships/externships in 3 summers and 1-yr clinical rotation in Senior year from the curriculum. The 3 summer internships/externships can be chosen among 3 areas---farm animals, companion animals and research institutes with different area for each summer. The 1-yr clinical rotation in Senior year will be at Animal Teaching Hospital on campus.

Q3: Does the curriculum in the Department of Post-Baccalaureate Veterinary Medicine fulfill the requirement for veterinarian certification examination in Taiwan?

A3: Yes, the curriculum in our Department fulfills the requirement for veterinarian certification exams in Taiwan. Therefore, the graduates from our Department will be able to attend the certification exam for veterinarian in Taiwan.