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The Animal Diagnostic Center

The Animal Disease Diagnostic Center of Asia University
Department of Post-Baccalaureate Veterinary Medicine

Mission Statement

The Animal Disease Diagnostic Center (ADDC) was established by the Department of Post-Baccalaureate Veterinary Medicine, in accordance with the regulations of Asia University. The overall goals of the ADDC are to facilitate teaching programs, research, education promotion, industry-university collaboration, government-industry-university-institute alliance in disease diagnosis and other related services.

Service category
  1. Pathology examination & diagnosis.
  2. Microbiology examination.
  3. Molecular biology examination.
Diagnostic testing services provided by ADDC
  1. Clinical pathology: skin scraping, blood smear, urine sediment and fecal parasite examination.
  2. Cytopathology: Cell sampling includes fine needle biopsy which can be divided into aspiration and non-aspiration method, imprinting and swab, then performs the Romanowsky stain including Diff-Quik stain and Liu's Stain.
  3. Surgical pathology: surgical resection and Tru-cut biopsy specimens, can perform frozen section or paraffin section examination.
  4. Necropsy pathology: gross dissection, gross pathological examination, tissue sampling and trimming, paraffin tissue slide preparation and H&E stain, special staining (such as PAS) or immunohistochemical stain (IHC).
  5. Bacteria culture and drug sensitivity test.
  6. Molecular biology examination: polymerase chain reaction (PCR) for bacterial and viral identification and immunohistochemical stain (IHC).
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Figure. Cryostat Microtome.