Chuan-Ching Lai(賴湶敬)
Status Full-Time Faculty
Name Chuan-Ching Lai(賴湶敬)
Job title Assistant Professor
Extension 20010
Office HB10
Education Ph.D. in Graduate Institute of Anatomy and Cell Biology, National Taiwan University, Taiwan
Research Interest / Specialty Focus Anatomy, Histology, Neuroanatomy, Immunohistochemistry ,Drug Abuse, Behavioral Neurobiology
Year Paper Title
2023 Yi-Tao Chang、Chih-Ho Lai、Jian-Hong Yu、Chih-Hsin Tang、Chi-Yuan Wen、Pei-Wen Huang、賴?敬(Chuan-Ching Lai)、Dan-Jae Lin(Dan-Jae Lin)*, Exploring the impact of culture techniques and patient demographics on the success rate of primary culture of human periodontal ligament stem cells, Journal of Dental Sciences, 2023
2023 Yi-Tao Chang、賴?敬(Chuan-Ching Lai)、Dan-Jae Lin(Dan-Jae Lin)*, Collagen Scaffolds Laden with Human Periodontal Ligament Fibroblasts Promote Periodontal Regeneration in SD Rat Model, Polymers, 2023
2022 賴?敬(Chuan-Ching Lai)、Rathinasamy Baskaran、Chih-Yu Tsao、Li-Heng Tuan、Pei-Fen Siow、Mahalakshmi Palani、Lukas Jyuhn-Hsiarn Lee、Chih-Min Liu、Hai-Gwo Hwu、Li-Jen Lee(Li-Jen Lee)*, Chronic N-Acetylcysteine Treatment Prevents Amphetamine-Induced Hyperactivity in Heterozygous Disc1 Mutant Mice, a Putative Prodromal Schizophrenia Animal Model, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES, 2022
2019 Rathinasamy Baskaran、賴?敬(Chuan-Ching Lai)、Wai-Yu Li、Li-Heng Tuan、Chia-Chuan Wang、Lukas J.-H. Lee、Chih-Min Liu、Hai-Gwo Hwu、Li-Jen Lee(Li-Jen Lee)*, Characterization of striatal phenotypes in heterozygous Disc1 mutant mice, a model of haploinsufficiency, JOURNAL OF COMPARATIVE NEUROLOGY, 2019