Chi-Hsien Chien(簡基憲)
Status Full-Time Faculty
Name Chi-Hsien Chien(簡基憲)
Job title Chairman and Professor
Extension 1804
Office I613
Education Ph.D. in Graduate Institute of Anatomy and Cell Biology, National Taiwan University, Taiwan, ROC
Research Interest / Specialty Focus Small animal surgery, Surgical anatomy, Acupuncture in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine, History of Taiwan veterinary medicine
Year Paper Title
2009 簡基憲(Chi-Hsien Chien)*, 小動物針灸--基礎與臨床, 中華民國獸醫學會雜誌, vol.13 no.1 pp.10-13, 2009
Year Book Title
2018 獸醫臨床神經解剖學, 台灣愛思唯爾, Jun. 2018
2016 彩繪動物解剖著色書, 台灣愛思唯爾, Jul. 2016