Jie-Long He(何杰龍)
Status Full-Time Faculty
Name Jie-Long He(何杰龍)
Email jielonghe@asia.edu.tw
Job title Assistant Professor
Extension 20051
Office HB51
Education Ph.D. in Department of Biochemical Science and Technology, National Taiwan University, Taiwan
Research Interest / Specialty Focus Veterinary Immunology, Monoclonal Antibody, Avian Influenza Virus, Biochemistry and Proteomics, Microbiology, Biomedical Microelectromechanical Systems (BioMEMS)
Websites https://research.asia.edu.tw/TchEportfolio/index_1/jielonghe
Year Paper Title
2022 Chao-Hsuan Chen、Pei-Chen Hsu、Shih-Wei Hsu、Kun-Ting Hong、Kai-Yuan Chen、何杰龍(Jie-Long He)、Der-Yang Cho、Yun-Chi Wang、Wen-Shin Chang、Da-Tian Bau、Chia-Wen Tsai(Chia-Wen Tsai)*, Protective Effects of Jujubosides on 6-OHDA-Induced Neurotoxicity in SH-SY5Y and SK-N-SH Cells, MOLECULES, vol.27 no.13 pp.4106-
2022 LIANG-CHUN SHIH、何杰龍(Jie-Long He)、WEN-SHIN CHANG、CHE-LUN HSU、TE-CHUN HSIA、YUN-CHI WANG、JIA-SING YANG、MEI-CHIN MONG、CHIA-WEN TSAI、DA-TIAN BAU(DA-TIAN BAU)*, The Contribution of PDCD6 Polymorphisms to Oral Cancer Risk, Cancer Genomics & Proteomics, vol.19 no.4 pp.456-463
2021 CHUNG-LIN TSAI、CHIA-WEN TSAI、WEN-SHIN CHANG、JIUNN-CHERNG LIN、LIANG-CHUN SHIH、何杰龍(Jie-Long He)、包大?(Da-Tian Bau)*, Protective effects of crocetin on arsenic trioxide-induced oxidative stress in human umbilical vein endothelial cells, IN VIVO, vol.35 no.6 pp.3157-3163
2019 Ming-Shou Hsieh、Yuan-Chih Chang、何杰龍(Jie-Long He)、Rong-Huay Juang, Positive charge of Arg-201 on hemagglutinin is required for the binding of H6N1 avian influenza virus to its target through a two-step process, VIRUS RESEARCH, vol.265 pp.132-137
2018 Ming-Shou Hsieh、何杰龍(Jie-Long He)、Tzong-Yuan Wu、Rong-Huay Juang(Rong-Huay Juang)*, A secretary bi-cistronic baculovirus expression system with improved production of the HA1 protein of H6 influenza virus in insect cells and Spodoptera litura larvae, JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGICAL METHODS, vol.459 pp.81-89
2016 何杰龍(Jie-Long He)、Da-Shin Wang、Shih-Kang Fan(Shih-Kang Fan)*, Opto-microfluidic immunosensors: from colorimetric to plasmonic, Micromachines, vol.7 no.2 pp.29-
2015 何杰龍(Jie-Long He)、Yi-Chung Chiu、Shih-Chung Chang、Ching-Ho Wang、Rong-Huay Juang(Rong-Huay Juang)*, Glycosylation at hemagglutinin protects H6N1 avian influenza virus from tryptic cleavage and maintain the viral infectivity, VIRUS RESEARCH, vol.197 pp.101-107
2015 何杰龍(Jie-Long He)、An-Te Chen、Jyong-Huei Lee、Shih-Kang Fan(Shih-Kang Fan)*, Digital microfluidics for manipulation and analysis of a single cell, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES, vol.16 no.9 pp.22319-22332
2014 何杰龍(Jie-Long He)、Ming-Shou Hsieh、Rong-Huay Juang、Ching-Ho Wang(Ching-Ho Wang)*, A monoclonal antibody recognizes a highly conserved neutralizing epitope on hemagglutinin of H6N1 avian influenza virus, VETERINARY MICROBIOLOGY, vol.174 no.3-4 pp.333-341
2013 何杰龍(Jie-Long He)、Ming-Shou Hsieh、Yi-Chung Chiu、Rong-Huay Juang、Ching-Ho Wang(Ching-Ho Wang)*, Preparation of monoclonal antibodies against poor immunogenic avian influenza virus proteins, JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGICAL METHODS, vol.387 no.1-2 pp.43-50
2010 Yi-Tung Chen、Rong-Huay Juang、何杰龍(Jie-Long He)、Wen-Yu Chu、Ching-Ho Wang(Ching-Ho Wang)*, Detection of H6 influenza antibody by blocking enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, VETERINARY MICROBIOLOGY, vol.142 pp.205-210
Date of Publication Paper Title
2021.08 何杰龍(Jie-Long He), Evaluation of the single, cell level immuno-efficacy of recombinant protein for avian influenza subunit vaccines with a novel AAT integration platform - 11th World Congress on Alternatives and Animal Use in the Life Sciences, 台中市
2019.11 Hsieh MS(Hsieh MS)、何杰龍(Jie-Long He), The conformational change of H6N1 hemagglutinin through a two, step process during its invasion to the host cell - 2019 Annual Conference of the Chinese Society of Veterinary Science, Taipei, Taiwan
2019.08 Hsieh MS(Hsieh MS)、何杰龍(Jie-Long He)、Juang RH(Juang RH), The positive charge of Arg, 201 on hemagglutinin is required for H6N1 avian influenza virus to bind with host cell - Options X for the Control of Influenza (2), Singapore
2019.08 何杰龍(Jie-Long He), Evaluating protein yield and immuno, efficacy for the recombinant HA of H6 avian influenza produced from a novel secretory bi-cistronic baculovirus expression system. - Options X for the Control of Influenza (1), Singapore
2018.09 何杰龍(Jie-Long He), A Novel Microfluidic Platform for Avian Influenza Detection , 2018 World Influenza Conference, Beijing, China
2018.03 何杰龍(Jie-Long He), A novel electric control microfluidic platform for avian influenza detection and antibodies high, throughput screening - 2nd International Meeting on Respiratory Pathogens 2018 (IMRP 2018), Singapore
2017.10 何杰龍(Jie-Long He)、簡基憲(CHIEN,CHI HSIEN), The structural and phylogenetic differences of hemagglutinin between human and avian H6N1 influenza viruses from Taiwan , 6th World Waterfowl Conference, Taipei, Taiwan
2017.06 何杰龍(Jie-Long He), Comparison of the structural differences of Neuraminidase from Taiwan H6N1 influenza , 5th isirv-Antiviral Group Conference, Shanghai, China
2016.08 何杰龍(Jie-Long He)、Hsieh MS、Fan SK、Ching-Ho Wang、Rong-Huay Juang, Comparison of the structural differences of hemagglutinin from Taiwan H6N1 influenza group , Options IX for the Control of Influenza, Illinois, USA
2016.08 Hsieh MS、何杰龍(Jie-Long He)、Chou YT、Chang SC、Ching-Ho Wang、Rong-Huay Juang, Production of H6, HA1 subunit vaccine by a bicistronic baculovirus expression system - Options IX for the Control of Influenza, Illinois, USA
2015.09 何杰龍(Jie-Long He), Glycans on hemagglutinin protect the H6 subtype avian influenza virus from tryptic cleavage and maintain the viral infectivity , 1st International Meeting on Respiratory Pathogens (IMRP 2015), Singapore
2015.07 何杰龍(Jie-Long He)、Meng-Tsung Chang、Shih-Kang Fan, Monitoring ion exchange chromatography for antibody purification on an emulsion microfluidic chip , Optofluidics 2015, Taipei, Taiwan
2014.10 何杰龍(Jie-Long He)、Hsin-Yi Lu、Yi-Han Lai、Jie-Teng He、Shih-Kang Fan, Digital microfluidic platform for high, throughput monoclonal antibodies screening and isotyping analysis - The 18th International Conference on Miniaturized Systems for Chemistry and Life Sciences (MicroTAS 2014), Texas, USA
2014.07 Chen HW、Peng JY、Lee HC、何杰龍(Jie-Long He)、Huang YP、Ching-Ho Wang, Evolutionary changes in the receptor, binding site of the hemagglutinin protein in the avian influenza H6N1 virus may contribute to interspecies transmission - 2014 American Association of Avian Pathologists Meeting, Colorado, USA
2014.05 何杰龍(Jie-Long He)、Chun-Chao Li、Yao-Wen Hsu、Shih-Kang Fan, Mouse embryo culture on a digital microfluidic chip , Advances in Microfluidics & Nanofluidics 2014, Academia sinica, Taiwan
2013.11 Peng JY、Lee HC、何杰龍(Jie-Long He)、Huang YP、Ching-Ho Wang、Chen HW, Evolution Changes in Receptor Binding Site of HA protein in the Avian Influenza H6N1 Virus May Contribute to Interspecies Transmission , 2013 Annual Conference of the Chinese Society of Veterinary Science, Taipei, Taiwan
2012.10 Ching-Ho Wang、Rong-Huay Juang、何杰龍(Jie-Long He)、Yi-Tung Chen, Human infection potential of H6 avian influenza virus. Severe influenza: burden, pathogenesis and management , Antiviral Group of ISIRV (International Society for Influenza and other Respiratory virus Diseases), Hanoi, Vietnam
2009.12 何杰龍(Jie-Long He)、Frank Cian、Ching-Ho Wang、Rong-Huay Juang, A Strategy for Producing Specific Antibodies against NS1 Protein of Avian Influenza Virus , 2009 Annual Conference of the Chinese Society of Veterinary Science, Taipei, Taiwan
2009.12 Yi-Chun Liu、何杰龍(Jie-Long He)、Ching-Ho Wang、Rong-Huay Juang, Production of Monoclonal Antibodies against PA Protein of Avian Influenza Virus , 2009 Annual Conference of the Chinese Society of Veterinary Science, Taipei, Taiwan
2009.05 Yi-Tung Chen、Rong-Huay Juang、何杰龍(Jie-Long He)、Ching-Ho Wang, H6 Avian Influenza Antibody Detection by Blocking ELISA Using a Recombinant Protein , 2009 Spring Conference, The Chinese Society of Veterinary Science, Taipei, Taiwan
2008.12 Yi-Tung Chen、Rong-Huay Juang、何杰龍(Jie-Long He)、Chu WY、Ching-Ho Wang, H6 Avian Influenza Virus Detection by Antigen Capture ELISA , 2008 Annual Conference of the Chinese Society of Veterinary Science, Danshuei, Taiwan
2008.05 Yi-Tung Chen、Rong-Huay Juang、何杰龍(Jie-Long He)、Wen-Yu Chu、Ching-Ho Wang, Avian Influenza (AIV) Subtype H6 Antibody Detection by Blocking Enzyme, Linked Immunosorbent Assays Using a Monoclonal Antibod - 2008 Spring Conference, The Chinese Society of Veterinary Science, Pingtung, Taiwan
2007.12 Yi-Tung Chen、Rong-Huay Juang、何杰龍(Jie-Long He)、Wen-Yu Chu, Avian influenza subtype H6 antibody detection by blocking ELISA using a monoclonal antibody , 2007 Annual Conference of the Chinese Society of Veterinary Science, Taichung, Taiwan
2007.10 Ching-Ho Wang、何杰龍(Jie-Long He)、Yi-Cheng Chen、Rong-Huay Juang, The construction of monoclonal antibody bank for the proteomics studies of avian influenza virus , International symposium on animal genomics for animal health, Paris, France
Project Title Participator Period
以懸浮氣溶膠採樣平台優化台灣本土經濟動物重要病毒性疫病監測與促進動物福利 (MOST 111-2320-B-468-004) 何杰龍(Jie-Long He) 2022.08 ~ 2023.07
以新穎的蛋白質表現平台進行台灣 H6N1 亞型禽流感病毒免疫優勢與廣泛保護病毒抗原決定位快篩 (MOST 109-2320-B-468 -003 -MY2) 何杰龍(Jie-Long He)、莊榮輝(Rong-Huay Juang) 2020.08 ~ 2022.10
以模組化微流體平台優化禽流感次單位疫苗開發之免疫效力評估 (MOST-107-2218-E-468-001-MY2) 何杰龍(Jie-Long He) 2018.08 ~ 2020.10
數位微流體平台應用於禽流感病毒血球凝集素之檢測與中和抗體的高產能篩選(3/3) (MOST 104-2218-E-468-002-MY3) 何杰龍(Jie-Long He) 2015.08 ~ 2018.07
Category Course Code Course Title Year
大學日間部 GOG00412A 寵物醫學概論-4 111
大學日間部 TV300001A 醫用生物化學 111
大學日間部 TV300002A 醫用生物化學實驗 111
大學日間部 TV300012A 獸醫病毒學 111
大學日間部 TV300013A 獸醫病毒學實習 111
大學日間部 TV300019A 中獸醫基礎理論(一) 111
大學日間部 TV300023A 獸醫學概論 111
大學日間部 TV300025A 暑期實習(一) 111
大學日間部 TV300035A 獸醫免疫學 111
大學日間部 TV300036A 獸醫免疫學實習 111
大學日間部 TV300047A 中獸醫診斷及治療學(一) 111
大學日間部 TV300053A 暑期實習(二) 111
大學日間部 TV300092B 學輔時間(三) 111
大學日間部 TV300097A 分子診斷學 111
大學日間部 TV300107A 中獸醫診斷及治療學(三) 111